About The Chalice Temple of Ashland

After different pilgrimages to the sacred lands of Glastonbury (Avalon, The Chalice Well Gardens, The Red and White Springs, The Tor, King's Arthur last place of rest, etc), Sainte Baume (Mary Magdalene caves), Rennes Le Château, The Cathar Region in the French Pyrenees, Mount Shasta and Sedona. Aihzarra Magdalene (Hilda), decided to move from Mount Shasta to Ashland, and this beautiful home appeared with a wonderful possibility to create a sacred temple space for light beings to get together and share prayers, music, meditations and natural medicine. 

This temple is to honor both the Divine Feminine, represented by Mary Magdalene, and the Divine Masculine, represented by Jesus. They were both superhumans that lived among us, able to anchor in a lifetime all human archetypes in a physical body.  This is the higher intention for this temple, to get together as a community and uplift each others, holding a beautiful space for co-creations, teachings and transformations for the Highest Good of all.

Please, join us in this Sacred Adventure!

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